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We are goodSlow. We create experiences that help you slow down and enjoy life.

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We wanted some stillness for the mind, away from the non-stop scrolling & hustling.

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Then, there's tea

A visit to a tea house showed us what a simple, mindful tea experience can do to a restless mind. It also made us wonder whether we could build that same experience for people to enjoy from home. And we knew there's only one way to find out...

To start, we need the best teas we can find.

A great tea experience starts with great teas. That's why we teamed up with Eastern Leaves, one of the best tea brands we know. With their help, we able to ensure every tea we work with is both great in quality and unique in story.

Apart from running the most beautiful tea house in Milan, they also own thirty hectares of wild tea plantation in Yunnan, China. Each of their tea is unique, delicious, and organic! And we're honored to be sharing them with you.

tea farmers picking tea

Next, the experience

During our tea house visit, one thing we really enjoyed was the experience of drinking and learning about the tea at the same time. It helped us understand what's in our cups. As a result, we felt more connected to each tea, and appreciated them better. That's the kind of experience we aim to achieve with our guided experience for each of our tea.

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We started this project because we think loose-leaf tea embodies and captures so much of the values that are being neglected and overlooked in our days. The idea of calmly and patiently experiencing something raw and beautiful; the idea of enjoying and being entertained for the sake of pure enjoyment and entertainment; and the idea of subtitles and clarity as suppose to lavishness and intoxication. We aren't tea farmers or tea experts, we simply enjoy the practice of tea-drinking and thankful for the vibe it facilitates. We hope that you too can experience the joy we get from tea, with or without our teas.